• 9/9/9 First Day of School in ISAC

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    00topmyndA conversation in plenum about art, design and production. ISAC director joined us for inspiration about ‘touching the soul’

    Today on the 9th of 9th of 9 we started the first day of the university education in art and design here in Maputo. During the process of development we in the startup-group decided to begin with a strategic conference about what actually a school of his kind is and how the three first disciplines differ from each other.

    00smallThe day was very inspiring, the students are very verbal and reflective. We did actually start by conversing a bit about the difference between a university level education and foundation. The fundamental part here is going to be the reflective element. How to develop a critical reflective mode, hopping between searching/mappin over analyzing and ending in evaluating. Only to start again every time creating a hopeful spiral of development. Here is a simple description of what we do:

    1. Plenum, a presentation of a set theory diagram map of design/art/cultural production. Discussion about differences and similarities. Creative industries, art, design, presentation, touching the soul, market, artist as an individual and the faceless producer of art, creativity etc.
    2. Then we went our separate ways into three rooms for the 3 different groups for some group home work defining themselves, their tasks and differences.
    3. Return to the plenum where every group made a report on big flip-over about how they saw themselves different from the other two groups and how they are similar.
    4. After this was time to go home with the task to reflect, discuss with friends and return with the statement:
    5. “ I am a designer/artist/cultural producer because . . . . . . . “
    6. This presented we have a plenum conversation about our motivations and differences between the groups.
    7. After some dialogue the groups are to go to their separate rooms to create a a manifesto for their field for the coming work in ISAC.
    8. Plenum return of all three groups with the manifesto and the students are to sign their name under it. (all things can change in the future)
    9. After that we will have a group of design students, a group of art students and a group of students of cultural production.

    00blackboardFighting it out on the blackboard what design really, really means!

    We in Maputo are really optimistic for the future. Resources are scarce, things are complicated, life is difficult for the students and teachers, but . . .  there is an optimism in Maputo that I have only experienced in Reykjavik in my life. There is a drive for doing, for acting, for participating in a future that is only possible. I am not one to say that my experiences from Reykjavik have always been great and we know now history, but I can only say one thing: It was not my students in the Iceland Academy of the Arts that created the mess that Iceland is in now. They are still optimistic and work from the grassroots for a better future if only the bankers, profit whores and conservative politicians will not destroy our great Iceland before we can save it. I hope the same for Mozambique.

    00karina_maimunaKarina and Maimuna conversing about the pros and cons of art and design


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    01efsta_myndPrimus Motor for ISAC, Dr. Alda Costa presents a seriograph to the Minister of Education

    Today, September 3rd we are very proud that the new academy is at last started here in Maputo. There was a formal ceremony in the morning with all the necessary people present, giving speeches with comments about the great future the school will have and how it will change the cultural life of this nation. We become filled with humility to be allowed to participate in this event and all the chaotic work that has been going on during the process to this day is forgotten and only feeling of proudness can be stated. We have participated as representatives from the North, from Norway on behalf of KHiO, The National Academy  of the Arts, and on behalf of LHÍ, The Iceland Academy of the Arts. It is great to get the opportunity to support and use the large pool of resources from our friends in Cirrus, the network of Nordic-Baltic design schools and Cumulus, the global network of design schools.

    01kor_radafolkA coir sang for us on the way to the ceremony, the mayors of the town of Matola and and the mayor of Maputo, the Minister of Education and Culture, the new director of ISAC and all of us others.

    01flags_isacBanners lined the ISAC campus wall in Av. de Industria on the outskirts of Maputo in the town of Matola

    This is not really a blog about the event, but a collection of photos hoping that those that follow our activities here can in a small way participate in our pleasure. We have tried to concentrate on the program for the design department (Dori and Karina and Soley), but in such a small group and with so many things to do before the opening we became somewhat sucked into many of the practicalities. It was very fortunate that we have managed to run some clear planning meetings earlier so that we have responses on hand when issues have cropped up. Now comes the challenge of running the education.

    Here is a link to a larger photo album from the opening day.

    01dansA group of dancers welcomed the guests on the way to visit Annett Bourquin’s photo exhibition in the gallery

    01design_departmentThe Design Department at this stage: Karina Gonsalves and Dóri

    01maimona_libraryLast minute touches done by Maimuna and the guys were putting up the blinds for projection room

    01soley_utanvidPeople leaving the ceremony room. Sóley, Sílvia Braganca, Jose Paiva from Porto, representing Identdidades, a cooperative project between Porto and Maputo

    01dori_paivaCelebration mood, Dóri and José Paiva from Porto, Victor Sala, the director of ENAV and Estella from ENAV

    01computersComputers waiting to open the world of Design and Art to the students.



    Campus Waiting to become Arts Academy

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    We are going through the finishing touches for the new school ISAC. Tomorrow morning is the opening ceremony. The applicants for studentship have got their notices and the invitations for the formal opening have gone out from the Ministry. These images show how it looks like just before opening. Not much different from other places I know. Last minute touches, furniture is waiting for being sorted into the studios and offices. The workshop from the previous crafts school is there and has a very nice feel to it. A gang of guys with mobile phones try to sort things out. The images show the architect Luis Lage and the master of many things Carrasco. My co-worker Karina is there also telling them how we want the rooms to fit our program.


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    Study Program and Space Planning

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    We sat on Saturday doing the final touches of the program for the first pilot semester in the new academy. Things are falling into place, while we also have very many odds and ends to complete. We discussed teaching programs, media lab, library, how to start the semester with discussions and study program definitions. The image shows my very capable coworkers Maimuna (arts education from Pretoria University) and Karina (product design education from Lissabon. This morning the intake committee met in the Ministry to go through the final process of evaluating the applicants and we made the final list. The Ministry will post the results today or tomorrow.

    I am very optimistic about the future of this youngest art and design school. Opening day is on Thursday morning. I post this nice mail that Maimuna sent this afternoon to show people what we are up to at the moment:

    Hi all, now I’m getting confused as to what language to write in, if no one minds I will write in english..

    Today we received most, if not all, the furniture (a second batch of things arrived around 2 or 3 when I was leaving today),

    I will be at ISAC tomorrow with mr Momola, I have more info on what furniture goes where if anyone needs it…

    So far, things are still according to plan in relation to the classrooms:

    In the classroom block, the sala de professores has been temporarily taken over by the finance dept., and the multimedia room will be next to the library, so we have an extra room.

    That means that we can of course use the last classroom of that block (by the bathrooms) for the sala de professores, but Lage suggested we use the meeting room for the teachers for now… so we have two options

    The last large room in the admin block has been left as a wildcard… the idea was, and can continue if no one opposes, that we use the large room as a drawing studio or something of the sort…

    at the moment each class room will be equiped with teacher’s desk and chair, board to write on, notice board, and at least 18 desks and tables for the students (we received 140 tables and chairs so there are a few more if needed)

    Any ‘extra’ furniture from the classrooms will go to the ‘drawing studio’, and any ‘extra’ furniture for the admin offices will go to the ‘secretaria’… the computers, if and when they arrive, are not to be turned on just yet until we have the rest of the system up…

    that’s all I’ve got so far, the rest is all being prepared for thursday… see you tomorrow,


    Will keep you posted.


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    Lecture about global warming in ENAV

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    Global Warming

    Tomorrow at 10.00 Dr. John Hatton, professor in the Eduardo Mondlane University will come and talk to the students about Global Warming.

    The organization World Wide Views on Global Warming is preparing community meetings the be held all over the world at the same time on the 26th of September. The goal is to discuss global warming and give people/nations opportunity to say their meaning before the negotiations will take place in the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP15) in Copenhagen next November.

    I heard about this meeting when I met Oystein Botillen who is working in the Norvegian Embassy here in Maputo, one of the coordinators of this project in Mozambique in cooperation with the Danish Embassy and the local institutions Impacto and FDC.

    We began to discuss how the students of ENAV might participate in some way and I gave him my opinion that designers and artists have a very important role concerning environmental issues, both in communicating and finding innovative ways to change our way of living. There is a crucial need for change of behavior in the world in order to sustain life on this planet as almost all agree about now. To create this change there is a huge need of  innovation and creativity!

    I hope the creative students of ENAV will be inspired and we can contribute to the meeting next month with some innovative designs.


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    Application Procedure for ISAC

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    Now the evaluation work of the applications for student places in the new Arts Academy is almost over. There was a meeting yesterday in the Ministry of Education and Culture here in Maputo to discuss the outcome of the interviews and a collection of marks for the examinations that the applicants took. We had discussions about how much each subject really should count, meaning, Portuguese, English, General Knowledge and Drawing. These images are from the meeting of the intake committee. Tomorrow will be the final meeting, but we also have to go to campus to look at how the buildings and furniture is developing.


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