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    Calu’s mums birthday

    September 10, 2009 // No Comments »

    more about "Calu’s mums birthday", posted with vodpod


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    Morning guitar sessions in our house

    August 3, 2009 // Comments Off on Morning guitar sessions in our house

    Music and dance is totally part of Mozambican culture. We greatly enjoy going to concerts and dance exhibitions, but actually one does not have to go to some intellectual high culture location to watch dance and singing. Every chappa stop, people waiting or chatting start taking a few steps (very often variations of the local Marabenta dance) and sing a little melody. While we lived in Oslo we motivated Andri to take music lessons, starting with going to our great friend Ingrid. He learnt some classical melodies and with my simple help started to learn the balance in the 12 tone system. Then two years ago he got an electric guitar for Christmas, we actually own a video of the war dance that he took when he opened the packet.
    Now two and a half year later he is developing as a guitar player. We bought a new guitar for his last birthday and various effect systems have arrived so this is how we like to blues at home, just to feel good. It feels good here in Maputo and there are great opportunities to meet other people interested in music.



    A mingas concert in Franco

    August 2, 2009 // No Comments »

    We went to the Mingas concert in Franco (the french cultural centre in Maputo) on friday. She is one of the most popular Mozambican celebrities and of course the concert was sold out and packed with people.

    It was a great concert. Mingas (Elisa Domingas Jamisse) has a powerful stage presence and the atmosphere was lively. Franco is a rather small place so it easy to get a strong experience of the performance. We have been listening to her music and it really came alive by seeing the concert. Mingas music is a mixture of Afro sounds that gives prominence to the rhythms of the Chope people of southern Mozambique. She is one of the great exponents of the marrabenta style of rhythmic dance-crazy Afrobeat. She has been active in talking about HIV and her popular song “Xini Xiku Kluphaku,” (translation: What Worries You in Life?) addresses that issue. Here is an article about this “Mozambique: A golden voice in AIDS prevention”. (I copied the text and put here below also).

    MOZAMBIQUE: A golden voice in AIDS prevention

    She has been mesmerizing fans for three decades.

    Singer Elisa Domingas Jamisse, or Mingas, is one of Mozambique’s most famous celebrities. Her music, a mixture of Afro sounds that gives prominence to the rhythms of the Chope people of southern Mozambique, has thrilled audiences the world over.

    Mingas garnered applause for her work both as a solo artist and for her collaborations with icons such as Miriam Makeba and Jimmy Dludlu at the mega-concert she held in the capital, Maputo, in December to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the start of her career.

    The trajectory of her career has coincided with the spread of HIV. Just as Mingas’ career was taking off, AIDS was also beginning to gain ground. The pandemic is now just under 30 years old.

    At the time, little was known about the HIV virus, but many artists’ careers were ending prematurely because of AIDS. The disease came to the singer’s attention during her first international tour in 1987.

    AIDS had already hit the artistic community in Europe and musicians there would ask her about the epidemic in Africa. “That was when we saw that there was something seriously wrong, but we didn’t have access to information. We didn’t know anything,” she recalled.

    When she returned to her native land and tried to talk about the issue, she was met with disbelief. “A lot of people thought that AIDS was just a story made up to get the population to reduce their number of partners, or to buy more condoms, or to have fewer children,” she said.

    Seeing the epidemic spread in Mozambique, Mingas decided to use her celebrity to talk about this previously taboo subject. Her involvement in anti-AIDS efforts led to her participation in the CD ‘Vidas Positivas’ (Positive Lives) in 2002, a project by the non-governmental organisation, Doctors Without Borders.

    Mingas wrote and sang “Xini Xiku Kluphaku,” which translates as, “What Worries You in Life?” “I thought of this song because stigmatisation is one of the things that kill most. I wanted to say, ‘No matter how much of a problem AIDS is, open yourself up, because that way we can live longer lives,'” she explained.

    The song is still popular today, and always has a profound effect on audiences in Mozambique. “Everyone is moved because most families have lost someone to AIDS,” Mingas said. “It’s sad as well, because the song reminds people that the problem really does exist.”
    Targeting the artistic community

    According to Mingas, artists – musicians, painters, actors, writers – are particularly vulnerable to HIV because of their lifestyle. “Because of the nature of our work we’re surrounded by fans, and many artists end up letting down their guard and don’t protect themselves. We’ve lost various musicians because of AIDS,” she told IRIN/PlusNews.

    As the epidemic has evolved, artists have begun to deal with the issue in their songs, paintings and novels, but Mingas stressed that “Many people are unable to reduce the number of partners they have or practice safe sex. We’ve participated in campaigns, we’ve sung, we’ve written books, but we still haven’t changed people’s behaviour.”

    The Southern African Development Community Artists Against HIV and AIDS Forum (SAAAF) was launched in January to work for greater behaviour change after a joint declaration by artists from Mozambique, Lesotho, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe performing at a festival in Harare, Zimbabwe in November 2007.

    The Forum will carry out surveys on HIV and AIDS and provide data on the number of artists living with the disease, in addition to creating a network of contacts with other HIV organisations and services in the region. “I think that more people and more involvement to talk about this problem is what’s needed,” said Mingas.

    The new body will also approach the governments of the Southern African Development Community, the international community and individuals to help artists deal with the pandemic and capacitate the executive committee to reach its objectives.

    One of the Forum’s tasks is to encourage all artists to undergo voluntary counselling and testing, and to guarantee that they receive all the necessary support if they test HIV positive.

    “Artists have not managed to get help from existing organisations,” said artist Setephen Chifunyise, the Forum’s spokesperson. “As a result, many of them die in silence and isolation, without the support of their colleagues, artistic organisations or institutions that work with HIV.”



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    The guitar hero in the family

    June 2, 2009 // 1 Comment »


    Andri went to a workshop in the American International school of Mozambique with Oliver his friend from school (They are in the Scandinavian school ). They played guitar and base in the band. Andri surprised his parents and and made them proud when he stood up and took a guitar solo! And of course we have to put it here on the web to brag about it!

    The people in the American school were very nice and the guys got to know some of the kids there. They actually decided to establish a band, which is very nice because there are so few older kids in the Scandinavian school that a band is not really a possibility.
    When moving between countries it takes a while to get friend and fill the schedule with activities. Andri has therefore had quite a good time to practice the guitar, and the internet is his main teacher.



    Andri went to Inhaka with his school for 4 days

    April 29, 2009 // 1 Comment »


    Andri went to Inhaka with his school last week. A great adventure, snorkling, playing, visiting museum and more and more. And the last night they slept on the beach by a fire they kept going all night long. He came home very tired and very happy. Here is a link to their blogsite and which tells a bit about the trip and photos.


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    A trip to Inhaka

    April 16, 2009 // No Comments »


    The first weekend after Dori and Andri arrived we wanted to take a family time alone and one idea was to go to the Island Inhaka. I had checked the only hotel you find on the internet in Inhaka, Pestana. The prizes were sky-rocking and we decided that it was not the thing for us this time. But I had heard of some other options but nothing for certain. I called Icelandic friends, Anna Katrin and Valur, that I remembered had gone often to Inhaka. They of course knew all the important people and places and told me they would call back in an hour. And they did, with a plan for our trip. They would pick us up at 6:50 in the morning (Saturday) and drive us to the harbor where we would take the boat to Inhaka. There we met Edson, a guy from Inhaka that they are supporting and he told us everything we had to know.

    We would take the boat to Inhaka, one and a half hour and be picked up and driven to the lodge Cool Runnings where we they had booked a room for the night. We would leave our stuff and walk to the town and buy some food and drinks and then Rogeiro, the owner of Cool Runnings would drive us for 40 minutes to the Santa Maria beach, which is one of the fantastic beaches here if you like to be of the tourist trade, no shops and very few people. Then we would be picked up in the afternoon and go back for dinner.

    The trip was fantastic and everything went as planned.

    Cool Runnings really is a great place. There are 7 little houses/rooms. No luxury, just the basic things but extremely cozy. The garden is great and nice to relax there. It is possible to make your own food there instead of going into town for the quite expensive restaurants there. We decided next time we would do that.

    On Sunday morning we went to Pestana hotel and had breakfast and a swim. The food there is very nice and the garden and swimming pool great. It is a luxury place, has great facilities for high prise but not the cozy atmosphere of Cool Runnings that we rather prefer. It was a nice mix like this.

    Then we took the boat home at 15.30 and were in Maputo around five. Really a great trip and not expensive. To be recommended!

    Here is a link to the photo album from the trip!




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