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    February 5, 2010 // Comments Off on COURSE IN AFTEREFFECTS AND FINAL CUT AT HOME

    Atanasio, Gildo, Soley, Rejao, David and Dagmar.

    Dagmar Duportail, a Belgian film maker, has been so helpful to come around today to give the interested students a crash course in the two software programs that are really needed for film and animation. Poor Dagmar landed in walking into Nucleo last Sunday and met me and now he is badly involved in helping out. Here is a picture from our ‘home’


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    February 1, 2010 // Comments Off on HOME IS DROWNING IN CABLES AND HARDWARE

    Dagmar Duportail, a Belgian film maker I met in a bar, showing some tricks in video working on our balcony

    There is so much activity, now post-production of the documentary material and many other projects that our home has become (actually always has been) a confusion of cables and old computer hardware. Not much is new, but the great new iMacs that Jonni arranged are though here still until the medialab in ENAV will be ready. (see previous blog)

    Living room details

    A crash course in cameras and Final Cut. Gildo, Rejao, Dagmar, Soley and David


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    Helgi Hóseason in Maputo.

    In our street a lone man has set up protest banners, adding them one by one during the days and last night I saw him sleeping on the pavement protecting his statements. The phrases are intelligent and about current issues. In Iceland we had for years one protester like this, who recently passed away. Now there has been discussion about whether the city should not erect a statue of Helgi. This man seems of a similar genre, friends have explained that he moves about and sets up these protest stands around the city. I find the act really beautiful and it is great to stop and read and think


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    January 30, 2010 // Comments Off on SALA DE GRAFICAS IN ENAV

    Soley and Cecilie discussing the future of the school in the new location. This is one of the two great rooms for graphic design. Now is time to fill them up with computers and cables and light table and cutters etc. etc.!

    ENAV – the college level art school that Soley works in is moving into new great premises in the oldest part of Maputo. It is very close to the original fortress built by the Portugese in the early days. The streets are narrow and sleazy actually, prostitutes stand outside some of the houses, but with the move of the school (and the dance school is also located in the same street) there is probably a strategy to repair the area. At least one sees lots of rebuilding activity there, banks and official buildings and shops.

    The school has mostly moved, there was an opening of the end of year show last month (see photos here) and now over the holiday the rooms have been filled up with all the gear for art and design education. My belief is that this is going to be a great location, where students and the old city will be interacting. The move is actually not very far, only 2-3 streets, but from one area to an other.

    It is going to be lots of work to prepare the graphic design workshop there because it involves so much technical know how and equipment. It will be interesting to see how much they manage to get and get done before the school starts in mid February

    The entrance for the students is up stairs to the second floor in this beautiful courtyard


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    November 25, 2009 // No Comments »


    The logo and startup of the event

    The Centro Franco-Mozambican is running a series of photo exhibitions and events to promote the art and I guess the environment in Mozambique. I went to the first such event tonight and saw the work of four local photographers. We were to give marks afterwards and put in a ballot box. The winner receives a great new camera. It was great to see the subject matter in the photos and how the matter is framed. One might even send in a collection for next time, they might like the pics.

    6A crowd watching the presentation

    1Maimunda Adams (the lady on the left of the photo) is the director of the department of visual arts in ISAC. She participated with some inspiring photos, experimenting with light and atmosphere. The man in the blue shirt is Georges Diaz, who works in the Museum of Modern Art in Maputo and teaches at the art school.


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    Umoja Means Unity in Swahili, Cultural Project Event

    October 7, 2009 // No Comments »

    Umoja is a project of a number of countries within culture, mostly dance and music, but this time Soley’s students also created a motivational exhibition for the World Wide Views dialogue meeting that took place here in Maputo. This we have written about before. Last weekend there was the final performance here in Maputo. This was the result of collaborative work done by young people that had been in a workshop here. The project is named North/South and is financed mostly by the Norwegian Government.

    This video gives snippets of the event.


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