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    Computer Hardware Donations

    September 30, 2009 // No Comments »

    bodinjonniSnaps from Halvor’s and Jonni’s websites

    During my short stop in Oslo on my Nordic tour, I met friend Jonni, a graphic designer/photographer, who has always been helpful when it comes to gadgets and geeky stuff. He has been collecting together hardware items for us to take to Africa to improve the media-lab in ENAV. So, I left Oslo with heavy bags of cables, memories, digital boards, wi-fi’s and even one good Nicon digital camera. It was quite complicated to make it through the weapons control in airport, but in the end all went well. This stuff is donated by Jonni and friend Halvor Bodin and we are very thankful for their generosity. Soley was excited when I unpacked my bags on returning and we are putting the stuff to good use. Poor Soley has been fighting a loosing battle to get more hardware support from her school or the Ministry of Education here in Maputo. It is a very slow and democratic process of tendering, contracts, evaluations etc. etc. It is a game that still goes on. We have also been to meetings in our embassies to try to find ways of funding something, even small donations to buy computers for the media-lab, but so far to no success.


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    ISAC Keeps Moving. Temporary Livery

    August 26, 2009 // No Comments »


    These days we are going through the intake process. The applicants have taken examinations in English, Portugese, General Knowledge, Drawing and then we have had an interview with all of them. Today the board dealing with applications meet in the Ministry of Education and Culture to draw the final list. At the same time the buildings and furniture and infrastructure is being prepared. We went to pick a colour that can unite the campus. We picked an earth colour, reminding the earth here in Africa. In a way we were pressed a bit since the large mobile phone companies have taken blue (Vodacom) and yellow (Mcel) and the insect producer (Raid) uses green. But I am happy with the colour and the idea is that it is temporary until we have run a competition for identity. But we have made some draft images for banners for the opening day and to signify the institute. The picture shows ‘draft’ make note all graphic designers: ‘draft’ of what we might do. We have passed the images around for opinions and Soley will complete one example for printing this weekend.

    The idea is to digress a bit from the ‘Art School Modernism’ into more African ambience, introducing some patterns while trying to be clear and hopefully represent the African soil.



    Illustrator Course in ENAV

    May 16, 2009 // Comments Off on Illustrator Course in ENAV

    Soley takes a Saturday to run a workshop in Illustrator. The students are hungry for more knowledge in software and there is scarcely time during the week. She ran two workshops this Saturday.



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    DogS in Africa.

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    This website is to report about our projects in Mozambique, our reflections and experiences. We are moving there to participate in art and design school ENAV (school of visual arts) where Sóley is going to be working and hopefully support the startup of ISAC (school of art and design), that is going to happen in 2009. We are moving to Maputo in early 2009, intending to stay until at least mid year 2010. Hopefully we can do some good work, but what is sure is that we will learn lots ourselves.

    nordicdogsvefsidugerdWe have been planning this work for some time, intensively over our Christmas holiday in Iceland, staying in Cafe Hjómalind.


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    Our site about Mozambique activities

    December 30, 2008 // Comments Off on Our site about Mozambique activities

    We (DogS) are moving to Africa early 2009 to work. This site will report our activities.


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