• A visit to Goddur

    January 20, 2010

    Posted in: SOLEY BLOG, Study trip to Iceland and Norway

    One of the must do’s for graphic design students in Reykjavik is to visit Goddur. He was my professor when I studied and his way of seeing things is a valuable inspiration. No Bauhaus crap, no rules, grids and guides. His world is the visual language, the atmo, the heart, the magic!

    The day after the visit David and Rejao had planned an Africa Night in Cafe Cultura. Goddur of course spottet the importance of ‘showing off’!! “We have to make a poster guys!” …Yeah!…nice they replied. The deal was on that they would make a poster together. David and Rejao would send material to Goddur before 16.00 the day after and he would put together a poster. They took some ‘Africa spirit’ photos and sent. And a great ‘showing off’ poster was made! (see blog about Africa Night)

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