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    Study Program and Space Planning

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    We sat on Saturday doing the final touches of the program for the first pilot semester in the new academy. Things are falling into place, while we also have very many odds and ends to complete. We discussed teaching programs, media lab, library, how to start the semester with discussions and study program definitions. The image shows my very capable coworkers Maimuna (arts education from Pretoria University) and Karina (product design education from Lissabon. This morning the intake committee met in the Ministry to go through the final process of evaluating the applicants and we made the final list. The Ministry will post the results today or tomorrow.

    I am very optimistic about the future of this youngest art and design school. Opening day is on Thursday morning. I post this nice mail that Maimuna sent this afternoon to show people what we are up to at the moment:

    Hi all, now I’m getting confused as to what language to write in, if no one minds I will write in english..

    Today we received most, if not all, the furniture (a second batch of things arrived around 2 or 3 when I was leaving today),

    I will be at ISAC tomorrow with mr Momola, I have more info on what furniture goes where if anyone needs it…

    So far, things are still according to plan in relation to the classrooms:

    In the classroom block, the sala de professores has been temporarily taken over by the finance dept., and the multimedia room will be next to the library, so we have an extra room.

    That means that we can of course use the last classroom of that block (by the bathrooms) for the sala de professores, but Lage suggested we use the meeting room for the teachers for now… so we have two options

    The last large room in the admin block has been left as a wildcard… the idea was, and can continue if no one opposes, that we use the large room as a drawing studio or something of the sort…

    at the moment each class room will be equiped with teacher’s desk and chair, board to write on, notice board, and at least 18 desks and tables for the students (we received 140 tables and chairs so there are a few more if needed)

    Any ‘extra’ furniture from the classrooms will go to the ‘drawing studio’, and any ‘extra’ furniture for the admin offices will go to the ‘secretaria’… the computers, if and when they arrive, are not to be turned on just yet until we have the rest of the system up…

    that’s all I’ve got so far, the rest is all being prepared for thursday… see you tomorrow,


    Will keep you posted.


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    Tradition and New Technology

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    The traditions of Africa are great to observe. The ladies carry most things on their heads, to my understanding surely the best way to put loads on the human body. Not on the side or carry in the hands. People here have really straight spines and stand in a proud posture. Yesterday I saw two ladies on the way from the bottle store carrying boxes of the great bears of Mozambique. These two photos are telling about the street life and notice the mobile phone. Africa is reaching the digital world through mobile phones. We see them in use everywhere, from the forest to the city centre.


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    Lecture about global warming in ENAV

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    Global Warming

    Tomorrow at 10.00 Dr. John Hatton, professor in the Eduardo Mondlane University will come and talk to the students about Global Warming.

    The organization World Wide Views on Global Warming is preparing community meetings the be held all over the world at the same time on the 26th of September. The goal is to discuss global warming and give people/nations opportunity to say their meaning before the negotiations will take place in the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP15) in Copenhagen next November.

    I heard about this meeting when I met Oystein Botillen who is working in the Norvegian Embassy here in Maputo, one of the coordinators of this project in Mozambique in cooperation with the Danish Embassy and the local institutions Impacto and FDC.

    We began to discuss how the students of ENAV might participate in some way and I gave him my opinion that designers and artists have a very important role concerning environmental issues, both in communicating and finding innovative ways to change our way of living. There is a crucial need for change of behavior in the world in order to sustain life on this planet as almost all agree about now. To create this change there is a huge need of  innovation and creativity!

    I hope the creative students of ENAV will be inspired and we can contribute to the meeting next month with some innovative designs.


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    Application Procedure for ISAC

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    Now the evaluation work of the applications for student places in the new Arts Academy is almost over. There was a meeting yesterday in the Ministry of Education and Culture here in Maputo to discuss the outcome of the interviews and a collection of marks for the examinations that the applicants took. We had discussions about how much each subject really should count, meaning, Portuguese, English, General Knowledge and Drawing. These images are from the meeting of the intake committee. Tomorrow will be the final meeting, but we also have to go to campus to look at how the buildings and furniture is developing.


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    ISAC Keeps Moving. Temporary Livery

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    These days we are going through the intake process. The applicants have taken examinations in English, Portugese, General Knowledge, Drawing and then we have had an interview with all of them. Today the board dealing with applications meet in the Ministry of Education and Culture to draw the final list. At the same time the buildings and furniture and infrastructure is being prepared. We went to pick a colour that can unite the campus. We picked an earth colour, reminding the earth here in Africa. In a way we were pressed a bit since the large mobile phone companies have taken blue (Vodacom) and yellow (Mcel) and the insect producer (Raid) uses green. But I am happy with the colour and the idea is that it is temporary until we have run a competition for identity. But we have made some draft images for banners for the opening day and to signify the institute. The picture shows ‘draft’ make note all graphic designers: ‘draft’ of what we might do. We have passed the images around for opinions and Soley will complete one example for printing this weekend.

    The idea is to digress a bit from the ‘Art School Modernism’ into more African ambience, introducing some patterns while trying to be clear and hopefully represent the African soil.



    ISAC CAMPUS – increased urgency

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    aentranceThis is the entrance to the campus.

    The buildup for the opening of ISAC is taking a certain crescendo. Things are late as in any proper project like this and surely some things will be done in the last minutes. But we have written the study and workshop program for the first semester, of course based on the longer strategy. We know the date of the speeches and the arrival of the political people, we now know the number of applicants that have applied to study now in the first semester. Today there are examinations for the applicants (see photo) and on Friday the interviews will be taking place. An interesting perspective is that very many of the teachers in the secondary schools, and in the foundation art school here (ENAV) are applying for studying in ISAC. During the recent days there has been a crowd of teachers around the printer in the media-lab there. This is great, meaning that the people in the field are motivated to lift their own competence and gain a university degree. As a matter of fact, only 7% of all those employed by the state here do have a university degree, and that includes all professions. I am sure that very few do have degrees in the creative industries or even the humanities.


    Applicants taking an exam in one of the classrooms this morning

    We spent some time on campus today to look at plans and how things are faring. We look at how to create an identity for the location and the buildings that are allocated for ISAC in the first round. We agree that there is a very good atmosphere inside the walls of the campus. Karina and me, a partner in crime here for creating the design department, went on Friday to select a ‘unifying’ colour for the campus boundary and to use in the signification of the various buildings that the academy is allocated. The campus has for years been a location for a vocational school. That is great since it means the location already is known as a place of education and there are some workshops that we look forward to using like the woodworking, metal, electric and glass.

    agalleriThe building that is to become the gallery

    Here are some images of the campus as it is today with the workers really hacking away to be ready for the opening. I expect that much will be transformed by the 3rd of September. This blog will continue to post news as they come and we will inform about the study program that we are working on now, later.

    avinnustofaOne of the workshop areas being prepared. Internet cables, acoustic ceilings, nice concrete floors.


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