• Andri went to Inhaka with his school for 4 days

    April 29, 2009

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    Andri went to Inhaka with his school last week. A great adventure, snorkling, playing, visiting museum and more and more. And the last night they slept on the beach by a fire they kept going all night long. He came home very tired and very happy. Here is a link to their blogsite and which tells a bit about the trip and photos.

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    • Anke said...


      Dear Soley, this morning when it is raining outside, I have been reading your blog. It is the first time that I realize the value of a blog. It was like joining you for a while. So I will visit you blog from times to times, to see how you are.
      perhaps I can be of some help in the future.

      your Dutch friend


      05/6/09 9:54 AM | Comment Link

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