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    Andri went to Inhaka with his school for 4 days

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    Andri went to Inhaka with his school last week. A great adventure, snorkling, playing, visiting museum and more and more. And the last night they slept on the beach by a fire they kept going all night long. He came home very tired and very happy. Here is a link to their blogsite and which tells a bit about the trip and photos.


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    Our Office in Maputo

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    We have settled fairly well in Maputo now. We have a flat in the dead center of town, very close to ENAV, the school that Soley works in. This means we walk back and forth all the time for practical things. We work a lot at home, having set up contacts and a table on the balcony so that one of us can sit there and the other at this desk that Alexander and his mates made for us out of the local straw (palha). Soley also has tutorials with the final year students here at home, which makes work easier for her not waiting and some not turning up.

    Now, we have got better internet after changing the service provider and our wireless from Oslo works quite well. So, this picture shows our present office, where we work on the macs for our various projects. Anything from social operations through design, bookmaking and to arhitectural projections. The capulana on the white wall is there to give the modernistic white flat some colour, we also painted one wall blue to give us some backdrop, the fan is installed to make life bearable some days.

    All in all, this is a fine office space without any comforts of modern office furniture. It might not treat our bodies well, but then we just have to remember to stand up often enough.


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    Dance and Music from Norway and Mozambique

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    As we have reported, there has been a group of artists visiting from Norway doing a project with local people in dance and music. We have enjoyed the performances, there is an interesting cultural mix there and they do actually artistically break down barricades that might exist. The style, culture and actually physique of the people is so definitely different that one starts looking and comparing all the time. This video shows the spirit of the rehearsals.


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    The Prime Minister of Iceland in the news in Mozambique

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    Here is a pdf of the page in full size to download

    Iceland is not one of the countries in the world that the people here in Maputo know much about. Many say ‘yes I know, Iceland’ but when the discussion goes a bit further they had Ireland in mind or the Netherlands. Even when I was exchanging a cheque in the bank and explained I was from Iceland they kept on registering me as Irish and when I tried to correct they told me that Iceland (in english) was Ireland in Portuguese!
    Therefore I was surprised and happy to see a whole page in the newspaper here about my dearly beloved prime Minister in Iceland, Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir. The article appeared in the newspaper Verdade in february and I have been on the way to scan it and put here on the site. It is a good day today to do it because the elections are today.

    There are many things I am not proud of in Iceland these days but having the first lesbinan priminister makes me very proud. I hope she gets a support today to continue!


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    Andri and Senhor Bento

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    Senhor Bento and Andri

    We have not yet gotten a car here in Maputo. Andri’s school is about half an hour walkfrom our home which is to much for our lazy legs in the morning. So each morning at 7.30 senhor Bento comes to take Andri to school. Bento is great and they are good friends now. It looks luxurious to take taxi to school but the cost is about the same as one ticket in the tram or bus in Oslo!


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    Casa Velha in Maputo and Breaking Barricades

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    Today I vent to visit the artists preparing for the performance in Casa Velha here in Maputo. The place is a cultural center, we are told it was very active earlier, but neighbours complained of disturbances late at night from the bar guests and as with many cooperatives there have been battles of control over the activity. But next friday the group of artists from Norway and Mozambique that work together under the name of a project named Breaking Barricades are doing a performance there. In my visit I fell for the building and the people there. The house is old yes, and has seen better days, there is so much history in every crack and paintpeel that I felt overwhelmed.

    022The theater itself is named TEATRO MAPIKO and is a great space in the form of a Greek classic theater, painted like a pool in the open air. The entrance is through the storage of worn down cars for a garage next door.

    I made a little photo album that you can access HERE. Here at the bottom in this post is the oversprayed stencil that Anatasio used to make the poster told about earlier.


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