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    Fishermen in Costa do Sol

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    Fishermen in Costa do Sol

    Kodak moment in Costa do Sol!


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    My great students

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    It can be difficult to remember names and connect names and faces! So I made a list with pictures. It is really a nice group and I enjoy very much teaching them. They have to live with the fact that the ‘proffessora’ does not understand much portuguese, but fortunately they have a good sense of humor so we can laugh about it!  My Portuguese is though improving fast because they and everyone here are helpful in correcting and teaching me and those that speak some english help out.

    My graphic design students in 5C


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    Mozambique manufactures low-cost laptops

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    picture-4kjblc3a6kjWhile other countries in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region are relying on foreign-manufactured computers for schools, Mozambique, working with Portugal Telecom, has started manufacturing and distributing computers to schools throughout the country.

    Mozambique becomes the first country in the region to manufacture school computers that will be connected to the Internet in order to promote e-Learning. – (Computerworld)

    Although most African countries are moving to using computers in schools, there are seemingly no efforts currently being made to start manufacturing their own computers.

    This news is taken from Club of Mozambique


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    Mulher asfalto in Teatro Avenida

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    Lucrecia and Cheny presenting Mulher asfalto in Teatro Avenida

    Lucrecia and Cheny presenting Mulher asfalto in Teatro Avenida

    Cristine, Catia and me went to Teatro Avenida to see the play Mulher Asfalto, a play about street prostitution. The play is very expressive so even if I understood little of the text it was very influential and sometimes painful to watch. The setting was great in my view, on the street with a lamppost as her point. Lucrécia is one of the loved actresses here and she played very well. She really becomes the street woman and draws the audience into that world. Prostitution is a serious problem that has to be fighted against and all efforts to open up peoples eyes for the pain that it brings is a good thing. This is the second play I see with Lucrésia in the main role and in both I think she did a very good job. Cheny was also great on the Timbila. The music suits the play very well and he is a great player, for all I know, I can´t say I am an expert in Timbila. He plays a lot and I have been now to quite a few concerts with him and they are always great, both the music and then it is quite spetacular to watch.

    I put a little video clip from the play for those that can not go and see it but I really recommend it for those that are here in Maputo to go. It is on every friday at 19.00.


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    North to South

    March 1, 2009 // 1 Comment »


    Finally all our possessions have left dear Oslo. These bags are the last bits in the Airport train out of Oslo. My job now is to stack most of our boxes into a room in Reykjavik and then fly South with Andri. We both agree that we do own too many things, even though we have been going through a ‘trimming down’ period, for example banning IKEA (one of the most rubbish stimulating companies in the world) and mostly concentrating on creating experiences and opportunities. Moving to Maputo is one of those of course. The problem is ones vanity to need to own things, for us mostly books and they are becoming redundant. I have for example always taken with me my favourite books: The Complete Works of Plato, The Complete Works of Aristotle, Sir Bannister Fletcher, but now this material is all available on the net. That is of course great. 

    While staying in Reykjavik life is in netcafes, meeting friends and research partners and actually I am giving a lecture about design development on Tuesday in my old workplace The Iceland Academy of the Arts.



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