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    Photography class

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    First day with nearly all my students, 11 out of 14 showed up. Last week was the first week and most of them do not bother to show up…hmm. I they are a nice group and I look very much forward to work with them.
    Here are pictures from our photography course yesterday. My great college Moises and I teach together. We just have two cameras so in the beginning we train without camera. First Moises lectured about the basics of photography and then everyone got a paper frame to look through and begin to think about what matters in taking good photographs.


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    Guests in my house

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    Now I am living in my house in fairly good harmony with all the other creatures that have their right to exist. Of course I play God in deciding who will live and who will die and that role can be demanding. As my main interest in life is equality and rights I have to consider my choices.

    On sunday morning I opened the door and this beautiful butterfly was just outside the door. I rushed to get the camera to take pictures in admiration of this creature and was so delighted and happy to have such a guest.


    This morning another guest was at my house when I woke up. He was not as polite as the butterfly, waiting outside the door, but had made him self welcome in front of the toilet. This was Mr. Cockroach. Not of the smaller type like I have been fighting here but a huge one. He was lying on his back kicking, I don´t know if he was dyeing or this is his way of sleeping but I have to admit I was very happy that he lay helpless on his back. 

    In considering what to do in this situation I had to think about the possible injustice of my feelings for this poor creature and the butterfly the other day. Was it just their appearance and their ‘image’ that effected my feelings? The poor thing to be borned a cockroach and not a butterfly. I know that the cockroach does not bite or do me harm in that sense. I went down to the computer and googled ‘cockroach’ and ‘butterfly’ to learn about them. I learned that the cockroach can carry all kinds of bacteria so it is important to keep them away, specially from food. Ok. then I had a good reason to get rid of this guy. The thought of the sensation of stepping on such a huge bug was not appealing so I put him on a sheet of paper and off the balconies he went, to a roof below. Poor thing didn’t have wings like the beautiful butterfly.


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    Rehearsal for Omoja performance in ENAV

    February 21, 2009 // 1 Comment »

    I had to drop by in ENAV today and there was a group of musicians and dancers rehearsing for a performance in South-Africa soon. They are participating in OMOJA – Cultural flying carpet  (south) which is a collaborative development program that involves the participation of 11 cultural institutions from four different countries: Mozambique, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Norway.

    Great to watch, so cool. The people here are born to play music and dance, I can only dream of getting my body to move so beautifully like that! Well that is actually one of my aims, to learn to dance african dance. We will see…


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    Who said life should be easy?

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    After living in suitcases since 9th of january I am quite eager to get my life in order, get a daily routine and normal life. Me and Kristine have been living together for 9 weeks, (3 in preparation course in Norway, 3 in Porto and 3 in Maputo) 6 of them sharing bed but the last tree we got the luxury of separate rooms. Now I have finally moved into my own flat and Kristine has her own. Fortunately we get along quite well!
    Now I am fixing getting the basic things in place; kitchen, toilett, internet and no coackroaches as cohabitants. Things go up and down and I have to remind myself that I live in another concept of time (which I think is very interesting and I actually like the slower way of living)
    Yesterday evening after an amazing day I sat down and decided to write the story of the day and my internet story.
    It became a long story and I don´t have time to check for errors and bad language so I will just publish it like this and ask readers to forgive me if the text is bad.

    First: My internet story.
    My primal needs in life are water, food and internet. There are few internet cafes here and the ones that are free have no power plugs, so it is only possible to work there while the battery lasts. Terefore (and many other reasons) it is quite important to have connection at home!
    So, on friday when I got to know that I could move in in the weekend (last weekend) I rushed down to TV Cabo the internet service provider, made a contract and asked to get connected on monday morning. Ok. That should be possible, the only thing they needed was a copy of the renting contract to confirm I live there which I did not have and had to get it in ENAV, my school on Monday morning. They were going to call me and come and pick it up at ENAV. On Monday morning a lady called saying she was on her way to school to pick it up, so I went down to wait for her. After two hours of waiting and several phonecalls I got to know that she had a car accident and was delayed because of that. I stopped waiting and went myself to the TV Cabo office with the contract, much easieer and I should have suggested that in the beginning… well well. Now TV Cabo had the contract and would call me later. Well, I called them later and got an “wait I will call you in 10 minutes” answer… On tuesday afternoon after 2 days of phonecalls without success (4 times of “call you in 10 minutes”) Victor came with me to their office. The mistery was solved. The reason they could not install my internet for the last two days was that there was no signature on the copy of my passport… Fantastic, now that was solved, I gave my signature so they could come. But only next day wednesday was possible.

    Second; Wednesday story.
    Today was a day of murphy’s law. It was not a grumpy day, on the contrary, when everything goes wrong it becomes quite funny and it is better when things are happening than just to be waiting. The plan of the day was perfect. In the morning Manus the guy who is fixing the flat and Victor would come and make a checklist of what to do. At eleven the guys would come that should insecticide the flat to get rid of all those coackroaches and ants I have been living with. And at tree the guys from TV Cabo internet service would come and fix the internet. I planned to go out at eleven to an internet cafe to work and to school to teach my first class at two, and just run home to open for the internet gang at three. Perfect.
    In the morning Manus and Victor came and Manus began to work in the bathroom. Manus is a really nice guy and we have a very funny comunication. He does not speak english and he does not understand my crappy portuguese so when I say something his face is just a question mark. Around eleven when the insecticide gang was about to come the water went crazy in the bathroom and totally flooded the upper floor (and trough the floor to the lower floor). Manus came running down the stairs soaking wet to go and turn of the water outside. Then the insecticide gang came and we had to get all the water up so they could do their job and we could leave the flat for some hours while the pesticide to strong. We had to towels and one bucked to get all this water off the floor (I just moved and haven´t made the trip to buy rags and stuff). When that was done we had to hurry out soaking wet of water and sweat and I had packed all my clothes down because of the insecticide treatment, therefore no way to grab some dry clothes. It was close to 40° today so we were soaking anyway! But I walked down to a shop and bought a skirt so I wouldn´t look like a total mess in my class. The class was easy, just four students. I just introduced myself and we talked for an hour (with the help of Candido, my portuguese is not fluent enough for deep conversations yet!) At three, or I have to admit I was late (trusting that they would be late as ususally is the case) at 3:15 I walked home to open up for the internet gang and Manus to keep on working. On the 10 minutes walk home I got two phonecalls because I was late and they were waiting! Lucky me, when I am late the others are punctual. Well I had waited for tree days!
    But there was a problem; there was no electricity in this part of the town. Hm… ok. no internet then. But they managedged to put all cables in place and would come in the evenining when electricity was back, they work until 10pm, it should work out in the evening. Manus kept on working and I stayed here in the messy flat. My computer was without electricity so I could not work but sat on the balconies and wrote some letters instead. The power came back around 6-7ish in the town and at my neighbours, but not in my flat. In my flat something went wrong. Fortunately I had one candle. Manus told me to come with him. We went to a dark loft with garbage and bad smell, where I could just imagine the big koackroaches enjoying my feet. I held the candle while he fixed the dubious cable mix there. But he fixed it! Okay now it was dinner time so I decided to go and get pizzas for me and Manus. Victor was close by and was so nice to come and take me to a pizza place. When I came back poor Manus was in the dark waiting because the power went again (I had the keys to lock me out so he was locked in). We went back to the dobious loft and he fixed it again. I have to admit I was afraid of him working with these cables, several mini lightnings came when he was connecting. But he is used to this so its just my being sissy.
    I had a number at TV Cabo to call when the power was on. I called when I met Victor and Victor talked to him. A little problem, he was at the hospital because he had a car accident, but it was not serious so he would call me when he was back in the office. Of course he did not call. (though he had sent me sms earlier in the day excusing the delay of the service and telling me if there was anything “just call” and it ended with “kisses”, an intimate service from the internet provider!) At half past nine he was still in the hospital and I got him to send me another number to call because they stop working at 10pm so there was not much time. I got another number and a guy answered. He told me to plug the modem and he would help me to get it ready. Great finally… but in the middle of our conversation my credid on the phone finished. First time that happens here in Maputo and it was very appropriate that it happened today when I was nearly there with my internet. Ok. I give up. I will just go and take a cold shower after a day of more sweat that ever. But no, no shower… the water was down. No washing or flushing. Ok then I will sweat alot in the night anyway. I went down again and decided to write down the story of my day. Then I saw the green light on the modem! The internet is here!! So I went to bed swetty and tired but extremely happy and grateful to all the guys that surrounded me today to fix my life!


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    School opening ceremony

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    Here in Mozambique the school year starts in February and ends in December for summer holidays. Today was the school opening ceremony with all the students and teachers. In the beginning and end everyone stood up and sang the national anthem. If I had known that I would have memorized it to sing along, but next time! In Iceland the national anthem is very rarely sung so I am not sure I remember the whole text…

    The picture above shows Victor the rector speaking and overview over the teachers and students. At the top of the picture is the assembly room before the meeting. I just love the masks! They are result of UMOJA project from the autumn. I want to learn to make one for me! I will wait for Dori and Andri and then ask professor Tembo to teach us.

    Even if the meeting was on Friday the 13th it went well. I felt the atmosphere was very positive and relaxed. I did not understand much but often I can guess the topic and know many words in between but it is still difficult to understand whole sentences.


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    No need for fancy cars

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    Me and Kristine decided to go to the big supermarket GAME to buy bycicles. In Oslo I used my bike a lot and I love the freedom it gives me. To get to the mall we had to take a taxi. Usually the taxi’s here are just normal good cars but this time we got a bit of a wreck as you can see on the picture above!
    But It got us safe and sound to the moll, wet on the bottom though, not really a waterproof car this one.
    I went on the bike to work this morning and it was great. No wait in traffic and easy to take more quiet and nice roads.


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