• My first meeting in portuguese. Já pouco compreende…

    January 14, 2009

    Posted in: Soley in Porto

    Paiva took me to my first meeting which is spoken in portuguese today. I enjoyed it a lot even if I didn´t understand much more than one and one word… every now and then ‘Soley’ … ‘norvegesa’ … ‘novembro’ … ‘alguma coisa’ … But Tiago and Catia translated enough for me to follow. 

    It was a meeting of the network Identidades which is a cooperative network of Portuguese, Mozambican, Brazilian and Cape Verde institutions/people. I am still learning about it.

    The people here are great, moito fixe! (I am sure someone will correct that phrase!) So even if I am freezing all the time it is worth it to meet so warm and nice people.

    Identidades meeting

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