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    January 12, 2009

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    Now I am in Oporto enjoying life and looking very much forward to understanding portuguese! We arrived here on Thursday and have been tourists this weekend but the language course starts today at 14.00. We are also here to get to know the Instituto de Bellas Artes, which works as part of Gesto Cooperativa Cultural in close relationship with ENAV, the Maputo school I will be working in. 

    With me in the course is Kristine from Norway who is going to teach dance in Maputo  and Tadzo from Zimbabwe who will teach in the School of Music. Brith and Irmelin, our bosses from the Culture School in Fredrikstad are also with us here, which is great. 

    We have had it very nice so far, the people here are super friendly and take good care of us. Paiva, the professor in the graphic department took us around the school on the first day which was great and then around the old city the day after along with Tiago, who is teaching in the school. Oporto is a great city with beautiful buildings and I am totally in love with the tiles on the buildings.

    On Friday night we had a very Nordic style night out! We had to check out the vinjo du porto and we can recommend it! “Um..dois..tres..quatro… capo de vinho porto branco, por favor!” We went to Passos Manuel where Mario Moura, who is also teaching in the art school, was launching his book “Design em tempos de crise” (Design in time of crisis). So my first book in portuguese is a Design theory book. I will understand it one day I am sure.

    Here are some pictures

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      Bara að kvitta fyrir innlit á síðuna þína …..verð sennilega nokkra daga að þýða allan þennan texta heheheh….. enda mín tungumálakunnátta ekki uppá marga fiska *roðn*
      En gangi þér vel þarna úti ….ég er þó ekki alveg sure á nákvæmlega hvað það er sem þú ert að brasa en nálægt því held ég *enn meira roðn*
      Kveðja úr sveitinni

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