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    Remote life

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    DogS unfortunately have been living a remote life, activities shifting between places. This is the problem with being interested in projects, people and localities. It is not emotionally nice, but the means justify the goals we maintain. But thanks to modern technology it is possible to have Soley in the kitchen in Oslo while located away. We chat and have coffee together and Andri plays his guitar for the family. The Northern half looks forward to going South, but Soley flies to Maputo tomorrow. We really, really hope the internet in the flat works!



    Fantastic FADO night!

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    One of our ‘must do’s’ in Portugal was to listen to Fado and last saturday we certainly did! We got a tip to go to Boteko snack bar, where there is Fado every saturday from six to ten. Anyone that knows how to sing Fado can come there and sing. The atmosphere at Boteko was great, relaxed and nice. Fado singers both men and women of all ages. When you come in, the host receives you singing and you feel you have entered his home!


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    Museu Serralves – The Modern art Museum in Porto

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    Last friday me and Brith went to the Museu Sarralves, the modern art museum here in Porto. Adriana from Gesto that has been helping us here organized it for us so we were totally taken care of. Two very nice art students, Angela and Maria took us to the museum and we got a guided tour through an exhibition of works by the spanish sculptor Juan Muños. I did not know his work so it was great to see. His artwork really left a strong impression. Here are some pics


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    Bergen Academy and Southern Africa

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    Today I had a short meeting with Sissel Lillebostad in Java, one of the classic cafes here in Oslo. She works in the Bergen National Academy of the Arts running a master course in Creative Curatoring. She has got support for researching the possibility for cooperation with artists in Mozambique, who are curating, running small private galleries and possibly an art school in curatorial practice and art/crafts. What is interesting in this perspective is to see how Southern Africa (The Southern-Sahara Region) is addressing the nomadic dissemination of art, crafts, design and culture. I am certain that there is a vast and capable network that I have not knowledge of. But if there are some people interested in cooperating with them it is interesting. Norway is the country with the highest development aid per capita in the world and it is important to deploy that well. Art is an interesting field where people have maybe the best possibility to do informal reflection, interaction and open up new fields.

    It is very interesting what Sissel is doing and she will come over to Maputo in June to find out what people are up to. We will definitely stay in contact and hopefully help prepare for her arrival.


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    La Sosta in Oslo

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    LA SOSTA is a small cafe close to where we have lived in Oslo the last four years. It is run by football mad Italians, you can get all the best: cafe lungo, small calzone, various dolce etc. They  also have internet where the D half of DogS connects with the S. The planning here in Oslo is going well before leaving for Maputo, both in packing (a large part of that is planning  gigabytes into various safe places) and preparing projects. There are many projects going on, some of whom we know a bit about, and others where we have taken part in some of the dialogue.


    Today I was communicating with Inge Lise Eid, who is part of our Faculty of the Performing Arts. She has been involved in initiating a project with CNCD (The National Dance Company in Maputo), exchanging dance teachers etc. I have had meetings with her to learn from her experiences. Tomorrow I will meet Sissel Lillebostad coming from Bergen, but she is becoming involved in an educational project in Mozambique and wants to meet up. I know very little about the project yet, but am interested in finding out more.

    Soon I will have a meeting in Fredskorpset (The Norwegian Peace Institute) about the project that I want to develop between our National Academy of the Arts, especially Crafts and Design Faculties on the one hand and the possible establishment of ISAC, the higher education academy of the arts on the other. It is important to learn from similar projects, hopefully I will be allowed to learn from them and know about possible pitfalls.

    Last Friday was a get-together of the people involved in the Uganda Sanitation Project run by Norks Form. This we will tell much more about later, both because I am especially interested in the combination of technical solutions, infrastructural implications and social change that could happen. Only 2% of the Ugandian nation has access to toilets.Our friends Sarah  (a product designer) and Vanja (a product and furniture designer) will go on behalf of that project to Uganda around the same time we fly down.

    Here in Oslo we are not learning so much Portugese, but are certain it will come when we arrive, remembering that when we moved here to Oslo we did not speak the language but picked up our way of speking it (not maintaing to do it beautifully except Andri who speaks like a native. But we hang out in La Sosta preparing under continuous football repeats.


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    Hulda Karlotta and Hugo in Porto

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    Hulda and Hugo 

    Hulda, my friend from Art School in Iceland, a fashion designer, has been living here in Porto with her boyfriend Hugo for the last half a year. I met Hugo for the first time last saturday when we had dinner. They are getting married next summer and I will not oppose that because I found Hugo a great guy and hope they live happily ever after!

    Not only did I like Hugo as a good guy for Hulda, he is a Portuguese/English speaking graphic designer. Exactly what I need in my group of friends and supporters for my job in Maputo!! 

    We are all invited to their home next sunday in a little town close by Porto. Looking very much forward.


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